HARTFORD, CT  —  The person believed to have shot three bullets into the state Capitol building is in custody, according to Brian Foley of the Connecticut State Police. 

There is no arrest warrant yet, but Foley said there’s nothing for lawmakers to worry about. 

“There is no ongoing or lingering danger as a result of the shootings,” Foley said Wednesday. 

Police investigators believe it’s directly tied to a shooting spree over the weekend.

Southington Police say several locations were targeted with gunfire on Sunday. 

Police arrested 74-year-old Douglas Gollnick of Plantsville and charged him in connection with the weekend shooting spree.

Officers say they pursued the suspect and seized a .22 calibre long rifle from his car. Foley declined to say the bullets recovered from the Capitol match. 

The shots, according to Foley, were fired from a vehicle, but it’s unknown still if that vehicle was moving. 

The ShotSpotter System in Hartford is being reviewed to figure out an exact time of the shooting. The technology is used to determine when gunfire occurs. It will be reviewed along with the video of the state Capitol. 

“When a person fires the round from within a motor vehicle, let’s say someone were to roll down a window while driving by, and shoot out – while driving a car, shoot out the passenger window, the odds of the ShotSpotter system picking that up to where it makes a notification to the police department are extremely rare. That was likely the case here,” Foley said.