Capitol Police Officer Todd Tranter. (Johnathan Henninger photo)

After an FBI memo warned that protesters may use all 50 state capitols as places for further protests in the days leading up to the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the Connecticut Capitol Police teamed up with the State Police and the National Guard to secure the state capitol and other government buildings in Hartford.

The total cost of securing the building which included equipment and food for the week totaled nearly $266,000.

State Police spent around $125,000, Capitol Police spent around $18,000 in overtime and food for the 33 officers on its force and the National Guard spent around $122,000.

Only a handful of protesters ended up showing up on Jan. 17 and there were no arrests. The media outnumbered the protesters and the number of police outnumbered both groups.

The State Police say the $198 for fuel for the helicopter was already part of the regular planned budget for Trooper 1, which is taken out every two weeks for training.

Trooper 1 circling the state Capitol. (Johnathan Henninger photo)