courtesy David Sizemore LLC
St. Nick! (courtesy David Sizemore LLC)

Juxtaposing technology with tradition, Cromwell resident David Sizemore will be arranging special interactive Zoom sessions with Santa Claus this year to ensure that Christmas in 2020 is as joyful, special and full of cheer as every other year.

“There is no doubt that this year the holidays will be like no others,” said Sizemore, a lifelong friend of Santa Claus and an educator who most recently held the position of principal at St. Joseph’s private elementary school in North Grosvenordale. The school, unfortunately, has closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so Sizemore, like many others, has pivoted his career and is now organizing unique, virtual opportunities to meet with Santa through his professional business, David Sizemore LLC.

“Zoom, along with other virtual platforms, without a doubt will serve as the bridge connecting friends and families with each other during the holidays in 2020,” Sizemore said.

Inspired by his uncle Frank (Francis Carfora), who was also a lifelong friend of Santa Claus and gave Sizemore his way into Santa’s sanctuary, Sizemore has been helping the “chief of the North Pole” out for a while now, with in-person appearances at special events, family gatherings and his work for the past two seasons at the highly popular Essex Steam Train North Pole Express, which unfortunately will not be running this year.

“You have to be able to reinvent yourself. You can’t just disappear. This is my way of giving back.”
–David Sizemore

“The best part of all this is bringing joy and happiness and the Christmas spirit to whomever I encounter,” said Sizemore of his important job. “This year I think we all need that more than ever.”

He added, “I want to help remind people that even during a pandemic, Santa still has a presence.”

This year is the third season that Sizemore has been offering his Santa expertise professionally. There are several options available on his website, the most popular of which is a 15-minute personal Zoom session with the jolly guy. He also offers pre-recorded messages and longer Zoom sessions. In the past, he has been a part of Selfies with Santa at Xavier High School in Middletown, which he did pro bono since it was a fundraiser for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

“It’s just a lot of fun and makes everyone happy,” said Sizemore, who takes his new vocation seriously. He even attended the International Brotherhood of Bearded Santas convention in Colorado to help hone his skills and is a member of the Connecticut Society of Santas, who meet remotely each month.

In addition to visiting the wee ones, Sizemore is also setting appointments for seniors’ homes, assisted living programs and elementary school programs, which will be utilizing the unique Santa interactive meeting as an educational writing exercise.

“You have to be able to reinvent yourself. You can’t just disappear,” said Sizemore, who feels blessed to be able to spread cheer this holiday season. “This is my way of giving back.”

courtesy David Sizemore LLC
A look at Santa’s shop (courtesy David Sizemore LLC)

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