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Rep. Brandon McGee (ctnewsjunkie photo)

HARTFORD, CT — Standing on the steps of the state Capitol Tuesday the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus outlined their agenda for the upcoming special session.

The agenda expands upon the police accountability legislation being drafted by the Judiciary Committee and the no excuse absentee ballot issue.

It calls for “true economic justice” in the form of a workers’ compensation presumption for workers who contract COVID-19, paid sick leave and increased PPE. It also calls for housing equity, equal access to technology and environmental justice.

Rep. Brandon McGee, D-Hartford, said the agenda does not conflict with the one the Senate Democrats released on Juneteenth.

He said the caucus supports a call for a special session and “recognize that no single platform or single bill can right centuries of wrongs.”

However, McGee said what they’ve done is “honed in just a little bit more on some of those very, I would say, low-hanging fruit opportunities that would provide again, a larger conversation for policies that we’ve been working on so long, to be able to be passed, supported by our governor.”

Meanwhile, McGee said caucus members are working with Sen. Gary Winfield, who co-chairs the Judiciary Committee, on a police accountability bill for the upcoming special session.

The details of that bill are still being negotiated.

A special session isn’t expected to be held until later this month.

And a public hearing will be held on any proposals before that time, House Majority Leader Matt Ritter said.

McGee acknowledged the short window a special session offered, but wants to take advantage of the momentum.