West Hartford Republican Mary Fay won her party’s nomination to challenge Democratic Congressman John Larson in the 1st Congressional District this year.

During a virtual nominating convention using video conference software, Fay outpolled Jim Griffin to win the party’s nomination.

In a short speech following her victory, Fay thanked the Connecticut Republican Party and also said that she grew up in East Hartford where her mother was a teacher. She added that while she attended Penny High School she had “none other than John B. Larson” as one of her history teachers.

ctnewsjunkie file photo
West Hartford Republican Mary Fay, shown in 2018 (ctnewsjunkie file photo)

The convention had its technical problems. The total votes cast for each candidate weren’t announced – only that Fay had won – and the figures were indistinguishable on the screen. And for a moment Fay’s nomination was in question because of a technical problem.

After former state Sen. Joe Markley made the motion to nominate Fay and had spoken briefly in support of her candidacy, Mark Merritt made several attempts to second Fay’s nomination and make a speech, but he was unable to get his audio working.

However, another Republican delegate, who was called upon but said she had accidentally raised her hand during the meeting, eventually seconded Fay’s nomination without making a speech.