HARTFORD, CT – In response to the global Coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Ned Lamont announced Friday that the state Department of Public Health’s laboratory is now equipped to conduct testing for the disease (COVID-19).

There are currently no cases or suspected cases in the state of Connecticut, but the ability to test for the virus at the lab in Rocky Hill will allow for a faster diagnosis. According to a press release from the governor’s office, the state will be able to produce results within 24 hours of getting a sample.

Previously the state had to send its samples to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Although there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19, Lamont clarified that these are precautions and should not to make anyone nervous.

“As our administration laid out this week, Connecticut is taking every necessary precaution and proactive step to ensure we are ready to respond to the novel coronavirus,” Lamont said. “Being able to test for the virus locally will allow us to conduct diagnostics and take every measure in our capability in an expedited fashion.”

Asked about state preparedness regarding the possibility of the virus spreading here, the governor said he is confident that “Connecticut is actually ahead of the game.”

Jennifer Jackson, president and CEO of the Connecticut Hospital Association, said Wednesday that “we do expect and we are ready for patients to present to the hospitals., Wwe will identify them, we’ll isolate them, and we will treat them.”

If positive test results of COVID-19 are found, Lamont seemed signaled that the state’s hospitals are equipped to make any necessary medical decisions regarding treatments. Positive test results will still be sent to Atlanta for confirmation.

For more information the state has created a website: ct.gov/coronavirus for the latest information.