As you may have noticed, we have added some new blue and red subscription buttons to over the last few weeks – across the top of the site and within our story templates.

That’s a signal that we are transitioning into a new partnership with PressPatron to help us manage our membership program.

Our members – those of you who have been willing to support our work through voluntary subscription payments – are super important to us. And that’s why it was time to upgrade our program, because as software has advanced our tools have gotten a little out of date.

We decided to work with PressPatron after meeting the company’s founder, Alex Clark, at a conference earlier this year and getting a good look at what they’ve developed over the last 5 years.

PressPatron is a secure crowdfunding platform that specializes in making it easy to support journalism organizations on the web, in either specific subscription amounts, or in subscription amounts of your choosing.

The big difference between our previous software and PressPatron is that members will now have the option to create an account to manage payment preferences through a dashboard, where PressPatron provides an overview of contributions and an interface for editing payment details. This is more convenient for supporters and more transparent as well.

So while PressPatron is new to us here at CTNewsJunkie, it has been around for several years. It just works, and there are people there available to you for support if you have any questions or problems with your subscriptions. We know many of you will appreciate the option to access your account at any time rather than emailing us to make a change.

Here’s more info on PressPatron.

And here’s more info on why you might want to help support the crucial public service journalism that you need at the state Capitol in Hartford.