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Brenda Kupchick is now First Selectwoman of Fairfield (ctnewsjunkie file photo)

Following the death of one lawmaker and the resignation of another, Gov. Ned Lamont announced over the Thanksgiving holiday that there will be special elections Jan. 14, 2020.

The 48th District seat, which represents portions of Colchester, Lebanon, Mansfield, and Windham, was most recently held by Rep. Linda Orange, who died Nov. 20. It’s unclear who is running for the seat from either party. Orange represented the district for 22 years.

The 132nd District seat, which represents a portion of Fairfield, was vacated by Rep. Brenda Kupchick when she was elected First Selectwoman of Fairfield.

Last week, Jennifer Leeper was endorsed unanimously by Fairfield’s Democratic Town Committee to run for the 132nd District seat.

Leeper is a current member of the Board of Education and has spent her professional career working in education as a policy and data analyst for the Connecticut Department of Education.

She will face Republican nominee Brian Farnen, who is a Representative Town Meeting member in Fairfield. Farnen is general counsel and chief legal officer at the Connecticut Green Bank.

Both are participating in the Citizens Election Program.

There likely will be a third special election later in the month.

Rep. Fred Camillio, R-Greenwich, intends to resign his seat in the House before taking office as First Selectman of Greenwich next month. He succeeded Peter Tesei, a Republican who did not seek re-election.

Camillio has yet to submit to the Secretary of the State’s office his resignation from the state House of Representatives.

Under state law, the governor is required to issue a writ of special election within 10 days of a vacancy in the General Assembly and a special election must be held exactly 46 days after the date the writ was issued.

The 2020 session of the General Assembly begins Feb. 5.