Screengrab of video from Cuomo's office
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Ned Lamont pose with their steelhead trout (Screengrab of video from Cuomo’s office)

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont took a break from his vacation in Maine and flew to Niagara, New York Tuesday to go fishing with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Lake Ontario.

Lamont and Cuomo said they both caught trout and showed them off at the end of a joint press conference.

Cuomo said there are many issues both states have that would be better tackled if they could work cooperatively. From transportation to cybersecurity and marijuana, Cuomo said they want to work together on these issues.

“The marijuana issue, which is also relevant to contiguous states — what Connecticut does on marijuana is relevant to New York,” Cuomo said. “What New York does is relevant to Connecticut. So we talked about that.”

In a conference call with reporters, Lamont said he met Cuomo once at a press conference, but that’s not a good way to get to know people.

“I flew a long way to get out here in a place where you get to know each other,” Lamont said.

Lamont and Cuomo spent about two-and-a-half hours on a fishing boat.

Lamont said he has a lot to learn from Cuomo, who has been in office for eight years. Lamont has been in office for eight months.

“I had a lot to learn as we were floating around out there waiting for the trout,” Lamont said.

Screengrab of video from Cuomo's office
Gov. Ned Lamont and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Screengrab of video from Cuomo’s office)

Lamont said the two talked about joint training exercises with the national guard along the border of the two states. Those training exercises could happen as early as the fall.

“We are much better off when we work together,” Lamont said.

Cuomo said Lamont has brought a fresh perspective to the job and is a “get to yes” person.

“It just seems like government isn’t competent or capable enough to get great things done anymore and that’s not true,” Cuomo said. “We have big problems and big problems require solutions and big solutions require partnerships so I’m looking at pursuing that with the governor.”

Lamont received a Connecticut and New York tackle box and a custom-made fishing rod engraved with his name from Cuomo.

“It is guaranteed to catch fish,” Cuomo said in handing Lamont the fishing rod.

Lamont spent his own money to charter a plane from Maine to New York.

Over the past two weeks, Lamont also met with Maine Gov. Janet Mills. Lamont said Mills came to visit him at his vacation home in North Haven, Maine.

Lamont has been trying to build relationships with governors in the region.

Last month he hosted a meeting with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo in Willimantic. In October, Baker, Raimondo, and Lamont will get together in Providence.