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Gov. Ned Lamont and DAS Commissioner Josh Geballe at InfoShred (Christine Stuart /ctnewsjunkie photo)

EAST WINDSOR, CT — There’s no savings over the next two years for the state, but Gov. Ned Lamont said he’s determined to make government more efficient and friendlier to businesses.

One of the ways he wants to do that is to eliminate over 90,000 forms that are submitted to the state each year.

CLICK TO VOTE ON 2019 HB 7385: An Act Concerning The Department Of Administrative Services And Changes To Affirmation, Affidavit And Certification Requirements For Large State Contracts

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Currently, every business that wants to sell to the state has to fill out at least seven forms in the procurement process. The Department of Administrative Services, headed by Commissioner Josh Geballe, proposed HB 7385 to reduce that to a single form.

Geballe said that’s important because they’re giving time back to the small businesses who want to bid while also making it less intimidating for businesses who maybe haven’t bid in the past.

“By simplifying this process we can get more people participating,” Geballe said.

They’re also soliciting input from the public on how to better “cut the red tape” by asking them to tag their examples with #CutRedTapeCT on social media or email them to .

The responses will be monitored by DAS until the end of April.

Stacey Lombardo, president and founder of InfoShred, hosted Lamont and Geballe Tuesday for the press conference.

InfoShred contracts with the state to shred all of its paper documents.

“Stacey was a little conflicted when Josh was talking about how we’re going to take all of the paperwork out of state government,” Lamont joked.

Lombardo said her business is expanding to digital data destruction, too.

At the moment InfoShred shreds 7,500 tons of paper per year that number includes the state and its other clients.