Mark Reinstein via Shutterstock
Paul J. Manafort Jr., at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July 2016. (Mark Reinstein via Shutterstock)

HARTFORD, CT — Connecticut Chief Disciplinary Counsel Brian Staines is seeking disciplinary action against Paul J. Manafort Jr. for his criminal conviction in September.

According to court documents filed Thursday, Staines is asking Manafort to appear for a hearing in Connecticut regarding his conviction, but it doesn’t offer a date as to when that could happen.

The three-page brief says it’s related to discipline for “attorneys found guilty of serious crimes in another jurisdiction.” It cites Manafort’s plea deal in September when he admitted to funneling more than $60 million of unregistered lobbying income from pro-Russian Ukrainians into offshore accounts, and hiding more than $15 million in taxes from the IRS. At the time, he agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s 2016 election probe to avoid a second trial.

But Manafort may have jeopardized his plea deal this week when prosecutors accused him of lying to them.

While Manafort’s future is unknown the Connecticut filing means he could be asked to address a Connecticut court within the next 60 days, but no date has been scheduled.