HARTFORD, CT — (Updated 3:30 p.m.) The polls are open and a record number of Connecticut voters are eligible to vote.

There are 2.165 million registered voters in Connecticut. Here’s the breakdown: 792,558 are registered Democratic voters, 463,167 are registered Republican voters, and 877,392 are unaffiliated voters.

More than 321,000 new voters have registered since 2016 and the number of absentee ballots in many towns is surpassing the number of absentee ballots in 2014, the last mid-term election cycle. Mid-day turnout numbers showed heavy traffic at many polling places with some towns seeing more than 50 percent of their registered voters before the evening rush.

Connecticut doesn’t have early voting so today is the only day voters will have a chance to cast their ballot in races for governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, and state House and Senate contests. For more information about the candidates please check out our voter guide.

There are also two constitutional amendment questions on the ballot. For more information on those please read our previous report.

The polls will be open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and there’s still a chance for those who haven’t registered to vote.

Connecticut does have Election Day Registration, but typically it’s done in a central location in town and not necessarily at a polling place. To find your EDR location you can visit myvote.ct.gov/EDR. More information on EDR can be found here: myvote.ct.gov/EDRInfo.

Voters must be registered before 8 p.m. in order to cast their ballot.

Also if anyone has any issues at the polls, the Office of the Secretary of the State and the State Election Enforcement Commission jointly run an Election Day hotline. If voters encounter any problems at the polling place they should contact the hotline at 866-733-2463 (866-SEEC-INFO) or