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I was recently asked to explain to a group of high school students what I do everyday as a journalist. My answer: “I hold powerful people accountable.”

It’s not a popular job.


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In fact, lately the verbal attacks on social media and the realization that someone might put their words into action don’t allow me to sleep easy at night.

But this thing that I do every day is bigger than I am.

It’s about giving people the information they need to make informed decisions in their lives.

It’s why we started our Voter Guide with a goal of giving residents — whose local newspapers are no longer providing coverage of their legislators — an opportunity to learn a little bit about their local candidates before they head to the polls on Nov. 6.

It’s why we keep tabs on the races for the state House and Senate.

It’s why we continue to ask for information that is sometimes unflattering to institutions, and why we focus on the state budget.

Journalism matters because democracy matters. Democracy is participatory. And to participate, you need reliable information.

I would be grateful if you could help sustain the work we do by purchasing a monthly membership / subscription, priced at less than a cup of coffee a week.

These membership subscriptions are one of the ways we sustain the work of covering politics and public policy on your behalf. Membership means being part of a community of readers who willingly subsidize journalism — and this support is crucial because it often spreads outward to a larger public. Advertising has been the primary funder of journalism for generations, but that is changing in today’s marketplace. Reader support is not only crucial, but it’s actually a better, more direct way to fund quality news reporting.

Maybe you intended to start a membership subscription a long time ago but never followed through. Maybe you did and your card expired. Regardless, now is the time — we are not foundation supported. With the election and a new administration on the horizon we need the resources to continue our work and we can’t do it without your support.

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Real Journalism for the Price of a Coffee a Week

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Posted by CTNewsJunkie.com on Friday, September 21, 2018