WASHINGTON — The Pentagon recently added $437 million to a multi-year contract with Pratt & Whitney to develop the next generation of fighter jet engines.

The development work — including design, fabrication and testing — will be performed in East Hartford and is expected to be completed by Feb. 28, 2022. All totaled, the contract is expected to be worth $1.55 billion, according to the Pentagon.

“Great news for Pratt & Whitney …  which means more good jobs and economic activity for the First District,” said Congressman John Larson on Twitter.

“We look forward to continuing the maturation of adaptive engine technologies in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force for the next generation of combat aircraft,” Chris Flynn, Vice President of Military Development Programs at Pratt & Whitney, said in a press statement. “In addition to providing a seamless transition between high thrust and fuel efficiency, adaptive propulsion can enable an unprecedented range of capability growth in mission systems and heat dissipation capacity at the air vehicle level. We are committed to giving the warfighter a technological advantage.”

Pratt and General Electric are competing to develop the sixth-generation fighter jet engine for the U.S. military.