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U.S. Rep. John Larson discusses the growth of Congress’ Social Security Caucus (screengrab from larson’s facebook page)

WASHINGTON — Congressman John Larson and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont have teamed up to promote efforts in Congress to bolster Social Security.

The two this week announced the formation of a bicameral “Expand Social Security Caucus” that already claims to have more than 165 members in the House and Senate.

“Social Security is not an entitlement. It’s the insurance that American workers have paid for. The members of this caucus will always fight for Social Security and the workers who have earned their benefits,” Larson said at a press conference announcing the caucus.

Sanders said the caucus members oppose any reductions to Social Security benefits. “Our job is to expand Social Security so that everyone in America can retire with dignity and respect,” he said.

Larson, who serves on the Ways and Means Committee, introduced legislation in April 2017 to increase benefits for Social Security recipients while also extending the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund. His bill would raise additional revenue by requiring that Social Security taxes be paid on all income. Currently, the tax only applies to the first $127,200 of annual income.

The caucus, made up of Democrats, also is led by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representatives Debbie Dingell, Terri Sewell, Conor Lamb and Raul Grifjalva. Connecticut Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, and all of the state’s Congressional delegation are members.

Over 150 Democrats Introduce The Expand Social Security Caucus

Today, over 150 Democrats are introducing the Expand Social Security Caucus, which will fight for the protection and expansion of the earned benefits millions of Americans have worked hard for. Proud to chair this Caucus in the House.


Posted by John Larson on Thursday, September 13, 2018