It is not complicated — solve the immigration problem on conservative terms or it will be solved for us — Republicans won’t like the other solution.

With one piece of legislation, we can craft a solution that will save the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in deportation costs, end the civil war created by sanctuary cities, and develop programs based on merit and the economic needs of our country. How? Walmart can save the day.

Let’s be clear: no solution is possible until we build the wall, eject the criminal illegals, end the visa lottery, and limit chain migration to immediate family. With these goals obtained — then we can begin to develop a solution for the 10M to 30M immigrants here illegally in the US. Illegals that came here against US Law but were allowed to stay because of our lack of courage and conviction to follow through on our laws. At an estimated deportation cost of $10,000 each it would cost up to $300 billion dollars to deport everyone. Why would we even do that? They are baked into our economy, they are our friends and neighbors, here because we allowed them to stay.

Instead of spending $300 billion to deport people, rip apart families and disrupt our economy, let’s send everyone to Walmart. Ninety percent of all illegal immigrants live within 10 miles of Walmart. Walmart is where families shop for clothing, household needs, and food. Imagine a private-public partnership with Walmart that establishes Freedom Centers within each of their stores. Small stores-within-a-store much like the H&R Block pop-up stores found within Walmarts each tax season.

Staffed with trained government employees, Freedom Centers would be the location where Illegal Immigrants come to register with the United States to gain legal status in our country. They must fulfill minimum requirements. They cannot have felonies or a DUI conviction. Applicants must be able to speak English, show documentation from their country of origin, be off social welfare programs, and pay a fee. Once registered they can legally get jobs, pay taxes, get a legal drivers license. They cannot vote nor have a path to citizenship. To become citizens, they must follow current US Law, leave the country and re-enter as legal immigrants.

Does it have to be Walmart? No, it can be any retailer that has a national footprint and an interest in being part of the immigration solution. What retailer doesn’t want to be the hero in this story? Plus, they get to sell a lot of ‘bread and milk’ to these families. In other words, it’s good business. In the end, we have a solution that involves the US Government and a business partner. It is self-funding with fees and savings from not deporting people. This is a solution that will unify our country and give us the freedom we need to conquer other pressing issues. Let’s get it done and eliminate one of the greatest wedge issues of our time.

Dominic A. Rapini is a Republican candidate for United States Senate.

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