HARTFORD, CT — Ever wonder what would happen to Connecticut’s overall budget picture if you lowered the gas tax, implemented tolls, and legalized marijuana? Or what would happen if you eliminated the personal income tax?

With a new revenue calculator from state Comptroller Kevin Lembo you no longer have to wonder.

The Do-It-Yourself Revenue Calculator is the newest tool on Lembo’s “OpenConnecticut” site, which allows the public to better understand the $20 billion state budget.

Lembo said he hopes the calculator helps answer “What may happen if you do that thing that your cranky uncle mentions over Thanksgiving dinner.” 

The new DIY Revenue Calculator (replacing an earlier version launched in April 2013) has been redeveloped to feature the latest tax rates, revenue estimates and information concerning tax credits and exemptions, as well as new potential revenue sources considered by the legislature in recent years.

The calculator now features tolls and recreational marijuana. 

“I hope it really forwards a conversation that is well-informed,” Lembo said Wednesday at a Legislative Office Building press conference.

Lembo said it has to be easy to understand, but should not be used to inform public policy based solely on the calculator.

There are a number of disclaimers on the site warning that the information “is strictly for use as a tool to broadly understand approximate tax change implications, and is not intended for official use.”

However, Lembo said the public can use this tool and save their proposals to download to their Facebook page or Tweet or even email to their legislator.