Comcast rolled out gigabit Internet speeds to some Connecticut customers, but data will only move that fast in one direction.

Comcast says the new gigabit speeds, running at approximately 1000 megabits per second, can download a high-definition movie in about 40 seconds versus two-and-a-half minutes on their fastest 300-megabits-per-second residential tier currently offered. It will cost $104.95 per month for residential service, with a special rate of $89.99 for customers who commit for a 12-month contract term. Business plans will also be available.

But this blazing speed will only be in one direction. Upload speeds will max out at 35 megabits per second on the new service tier, which means it’ll take approximately 20 minutes to upload that same high-definition video that took only 40 seconds to download. But for many customers this will still be a significant speed increase for upstream data, which typically maxes out at 12 or 20 megabits per second, depending on your service area.

The good news for Connecticut customers is that Comcast does not have any plans to implement data caps like they have done in other markets throughout the United States. A Comcast spokeswoman says there is no limit now, and they “don’t have any plans to change that for our customers.”

The faster service is now available in the towns of Andover, Berlin, Bethel, Bloomfield, Bolton, Cromwell, Danbury, East Hampton, East Hartford, Ellington, Hamden, Hartford, Hebron, Marlborough, Middlefield, Middletown, New Britain, New Haven, Plainville, Portland, Ridgefield, Simsbury, Tolland, Vernon, West Hartford, West Haven, and Windsor.

The company will be rolling out service in more towns throughout the year for both business and residential customers. The new service tier will cost $104.95 per month for residential, with a special $89.99 rate for those who lock into a 12-month contract.