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HARTFORD, CT — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy nominated 14 more attorneys to Superior Court Friday rounding his nominations in his last term out to 30.

Matthew Auger, Claudia Baio, Tejas Bhatt, Donna Wilkerson, Karyl Carrasquilla, Robert D’Andrea, Lisa Egan, Barbara Hoffman, Dan Klau, Ronald Kowalski II, Peter McShane, Francis O’Reilly, Nada Sizemore, and Michael Wu were nominated by Malloy Friday.

Malloy’s office said these nominations will fill only a fraction of the 45 vacancies on the bench. The governor intends to leave a total of 21 positions vacant by the end of his term. Currently, the bipartisan budget assumes a vacancy of only 12 positions, which means that this plan of action would realize additional, unanticipated budgetary savings by leaving nine funded positions vacant.

“Selecting nominees to fill vacancies in our court system is one of the most important duties that a governor performs – they must possess the qualities that build a stronger, fairer Connecticut for everyone in the long-run,” Malloy said. “I believe that each of these women and men will bring to the bench the diverse qualities that mirror the people of our state while also meeting the high principles and integrity that our citizens deserve.”