Markeshia Ricks / New Haven Independent
Sen. Gary Winfield and Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane (Markeshia Ricks / New Haven Independent)

HARTFORD, CT — New Haven State Sen. Gary Winfield had some clean-up business to attend to in a law he authored enabling cops to wear body cameras. The state’s top prosecutor balked — and the two ended up sparring about whether cops deserve special rights to check their story before offering sworn statements.

The lively debate between Winfield and Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane occurred during a hearing Wednesday of the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.

It concerned a proposal Winfield is advancing this session to change part of the law passed in 2015 that paved the way for police departments to outfit officers with body cameras in a bid to build public trust in law enforcement, a response to the shootings of black civilians by cops across the country. New Haven, among other departments, has since fully outfitted its patrol force with the cameras.

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