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HARTFORD, CT — State election regulators informed Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim Wednesday that he should not eligible to participate in the Citizens Election Program if he seeks statewide office. That’s according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s draft declaratory ruling.

Ganim asked the State Elections Enforcement Commission last month about whether as a convicted felon if he’s barred from receiving public financing for campaigns. Ganim was convicted in 2003 before the changes to Connecticut’s landmark clean election law were made in 2013.

Ganim argued that the 2013 law “creates an illogical system” and should not be applied to him.

The SEEC’s draft preliminary decision, which will be open for public comment until 5 p.m. June 15, says participation in the program is not a “right.”

The preliminary decision says Ganim “has had neither the obligation to participate in the voluntary clean elections program nor any substantive right to do so.”

The SEEC is expected to vote on the decision on June 21.

Ganim, through a statement released by his attorney, said he’s disappointed by the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s decision.

“There is absolutely no rationale for barring people who have committee prior bad acts from engaging in a system that is designed to prevent corruption and the influence of special interests in our elections.”

He said the commission lacked an analysis of the deprivation of his constitutional rights and as a result “this matter will likely end up in a court of law for final determination.”