Courtesy of WPLR's Twitter feed
HARTFORD, CT — Attorney General George Jepsen told WPLR’s morning radio hosts, Chaz and AJ, that he’s not interested in running for governor in 2018.

“My family and I have considered very carefully the decision of whether to explore a campaign for governor,” Jepsen said Thursday in a statement. “Any campaign, but especially a gubernatorial campaign, is a commitment not to be taken lightly, and I am lucky to have always had the support of my family for my career in public service. But ultimately, it is my respect for the Office of the Attorney General that has led me to the decision to end any speculation today and announce that I will not be entering the 2018 gubernatorial race.”

Jepsen, who seems to really enjoy his current job, said he will make a decision soon about running for re-election.

“George would be a great governor, but right now, he is one of the top AG and law enforcement officials in the country, and has important work to left to do,” Steven Jewett, a longtime adviser and campaign manager, said. “His work as AG in Connecticut is paramount to the success of the state as his national efforts continue to bring money back to Connecticut.”

Jepsen’s office is leading more than 40 states in an investigation into the “illegal price fixing in the generic drug industry.” He said they are also involved in fighting “unlawful actions” taken by Republican President Donald Trump’s administration “that are not likely to ease anytime soon.”

Jepsen added: “I fear that I would be doing a disservice to the office and to my constituents if I were to divert my focus.”