HARTFORD, CT — If Connecticut residents use approximately 800 million to 1 billion single-use plastic bags every year, then the state will see about $16 million a year in revenues if it goes ahead with a nickel tax.

The Office of Fiscal Analysis found that for 2018 the tax would bring in about $12 million and $16 million annually for every year after that, assuming that there is a 60 percent reduction in the consumption of single-use plastic bags once the legislation is implemented.

The bill specifies that all revenue from the fee should be deposited in the General Fund’s maintenance, repair, and improvement account for state parks. The account is administered by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and currently holds a $1.8 million balance.

The Environment Committee voted 19-10 in favor of the legislation earlier this month.

The bill is currently on the House calendar awaiting a possible vote.