They won’t be official for another day, but the Secretary of the State’s office has released unofficial results for the three special elections Tuesday.

In the 2nd state Senate district race, Democrat Doug McCrory trounced Republican Michael McDonald by large margins. McCrory received 7,034 votes and McDonald receive 2,401. Write-in candidate Aaron Romano, whose campaign signs said he supports “legalization”, receive 310 votes and Charles Jackson received 3 votes.

In the 32nd state Senate district race, Republican Eric Berthel received 10,147 votes to Democrat Greg Cava’s 8,311 votes. Cava was also endorsed by the Working Families Party. Petitioning candidate Daniel Lynch received 365 votes.

In West Haven in the 115th House District Dorinda Borer received 1,733 votes to Republican Eric Granfield’s 1,093 votes. Borer was also endorsed by the Working Families Party.