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It’s official. State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced that the American Family Association will no longer be an option as a charitable payroll deduction for state employees.

The decision comes after a unanimous vote of the Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign (CSEC) Committee.

AFA did not respond to requests for comment.

Lembo had asked the group for information regarding its non-discrimination policy and the group responded by asking its members to contact Lembo for attacking their group’s Biblical beliefs and what they saw as his attempt to diminish those beliefs by asking for information about discrimination. Lembo has said most of the communications were uninformed.

The Mississippi-based group that is known for its anti-gay and anti-transgender boycotts of businesses asked its supporters to contact Lembo and ask him to retract the original “accusatory letter” asking them for the information.

“The AFA certainly has constitutional rights to make public statements — however, the AFA does not have a constitutional right to participate in the Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign for Charitable Giving, particularly if it violates state and federal anti-discrimination laws and regulations,” Lembo said.