As with most things we do, we have set an ambitious goal over the next few weeks to raise another $6,000 or so on our way to our annual goal of $24,000. The money will help us cover the upcoming 2017 legislative session. And it’s shaping up to be a busy one, folks.

We believe (and hope) that our coverage on the site and our “Morning Coffee and Politics” email are providing a lot of important information to make your days at the state Capitol easier.

From schedules to birthdays to links to other news items from around Connecticut, our morning email is a must-have tip sheet for anyone with business at the state Capitol.

On any given day the MC&P email is full of important information – meeting times, locations, dates . . .  links to committee agendas. Melissa Ozols, who has compiled more than 1,000 of our email editions over the years, is even kind enough to warn you when to bring your lunch because if she expects that the cafeteria will be too busy on a given day.

As a former legislative staffer, Ozols knows her way around the Capitol (for better or worse).

We honestly weren’t sure whether our email newsletters would take off when we launched the first one back in 2008. But from what we hear from our readers, it has become a crucial part of your daily news diet. A lot of you now are in the habit of rolling over in bed to grab your phone and read our email when it arrives at 5:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday.

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