So we’ve just been through the most incredible presidential campaign in our lifetime.

And we’re all still talking about — even those who voted for him — that yes, indeed, come Jan. 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be president of the United States.

But here’s the reality:

Something that will have a much bigger impact on the wallets of Connecticut residents is starting a few weeks earlier — the 2017 General Assembly legislative session.

We all know the state is in a fiscal mess the likes we haven’t seen in our history.

What the legislature does, what programs it cuts, what new taxes it considers, whether it does controversial things like vote to legalize recreational marijuana, will have a much bigger impact on you and your family than anything Donald Trump does in Washington.

And the way you can best follow what your state legislator does, or how he or she votes on these key issues, is by following the reporting of CTNewsJunkie — both on our website and in the newspapers that subscribe to our coverage — and you read.

CTNewsJunkie was launched in 2005 to fill a void in news coverage at the state Capitol. It was launched at the same time that news organizations across the state of Connecticut were in the midst of purging their staffs of reporters covering the major news events in an effort to keep their businesses afloat.

I know that well — being a near 40-year newspaper veteran, nearly half of which was spent as editor of the New Haven Register.

But most newspapers in Connecticut barely have enough reporters left to cover their own towns — let alone the state Capitol. That is why CTNewsJunkie is so vital — to keep you informed on politicians votes that impact your taxes, your house, your kid’s school, and more.

But, we, too are impacted by finances and that’s why I’m encouraging you to take a moment today to consider renewing your subscription or starting one. As little as $10 a month helps us get you the credible and reliable news coverage you expect and deserve. And need. You need this information, regardless of where you stand politically. Good information is crucial to our society.

What this all means is pretty simple: CTNewsJunkie may be free to access, but it’s not free to produce professional news reporting. Help us out by joining our team and becoming a subscriber at a level that works for you. Or consider adding your firm to our Directory or becoming an official sponsor. You won’t regret it.