Courtesy of Stein's campaign website
The Green Party’s effort to collect 7,500 verifiable signatures to get Jill Stein’s name on this year’s Connecticut presidential ballot has been successful.

Patrick Gallahue, spokesman for Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, said Friday that the Green Party “has crossed the necessary threshold — and we are still counting.”

Mike DeRosa, Connecticut’s Green Party chairman, said the party had submitted “more than 15,000 signatures” to Merrill’s office by the Aug. 10 filing deadline. He said the party submitted double the number of signatures “to make sure we beat back any efforts to throw out those who supported our candidates.”

Stein will now be listed on the November ballot along with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Also attempting to get on the Connecticut presidential ballot is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Petitions were submitted to Merrill’s office from the Libertarians with Carla Howell’s name on them. Howell is the national Libertarian Party’s political director. She is serving in many states, not just Connecticut, as a “placeholder” candidate, who would eventually be replaced by Johnson if the Libertarians meet Connecticut’s 7,500 threshold.

Gallahue said “it is too soon to tell yet” whether the Libertarians will also make the November ballot.

A national Quinnipiac University poll conducted at the end of August found 4 percent of voters support Stein, while 10 percent supported Johnson. Clinton received 45 percent of the vote and Trump received 38 percent in a question that asked about all four candidates.