It doesn’t make a lot of sense, really, that in this age of endless information, it’s getting harder and harder to find out what’s going on.

But we all know that it’s true.

You can see the root cause quickly enough by visiting the press rooms at the state Capitol, where dozens of reporters used to pound out copy for newspapers, radio stations, and other outlets detailing the schemes and dreams of Connecticut’s leaders.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of dust and debris in those rooms.

Fortunately, they’re not entirely empty. A few hearty souls still try each day to make sense of the budget, dig into the issues, and deliver good, old-fashioned news to people who value the facts.

I’ve been lucky to team up with one of the few organizations that remain, CTNewsJunkie, an invaluable source for those who care about Connecticut politics and government. Small and scrappy, it fills part of the hole created by the shrinking presence of the legacy media.

The reality is that the state government has more press aides on its payrolls than the press itself employs to figure out what the government is doing. It’s an increasingly lopsided effort to make sure news triumphs over taxpayer-funded propaganda.

CTNewsJunkie helps to balance the scales, to offer solid reporting that steers clear of sensationalism and strives for objectivity. Its readers can trust its stories.

When I resigned from a longtime reporting job at The Bristol Press on Christmas Eve, disgusted by the ethical lapses of a publisher who smeared the reputation of the paper I loved, Christine Stuart and Doug Hardy reached out to me immediately.

They wanted someone with ethics to lend them a hand, which is certainly not a given in any business these days. And I’m lucky to have a chance to work here sometimes.

As CTNewsJunkie turns 11, this is a great time to consider how valuable it is.

If you’re someone who values real news and has the ability to help preserve this amazing oasis of genuine news, think about purchasing a subscription plan so that we can celebrate many anniversaries to come.

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