The Department of Motor Vehicles will start sending out late fee notices this week to customers with overdue emissions tests.

The late fee notices stopped last August when the DMV underwent a computer upgrade, which caused numerous problems for the agency. The agency has since ended its contract with the vendor responsible for creating and installing the new computer system.

The first wave of late fee notices will cover about 200,000 vehicles. However, it’s still unclear, according to DMV officials, how many notices should be sent.

“We are in the process of doing a more extensive review of company and organization files to determine that number,” William Seymour, DMV chief of staff, said. “It will be set in a later phase of this project. We wanted to start this initial mailing right away with the identified vehicles.”

The DMV said customers will get a bill for each late vehicle, regardless of whether they still own it. The bills is based on ownership at the time the emissions test was due.

Customers will get a bill if they did not have an emissions test on the vehicle. The vehicle had the test more than 30 days past the due date or the vehicle failed an emissions test and the owner did not have the vehicle retested within 60 days.

The late payment fee is $20 per vehicle.

DMV officials said they delayed sending the notices until they converted all the information from the old computer system over to the new computer system. The level of confidence in the data, according to the DMV, is greater now than it was several months ago.

Customers are able to pay online, at a branch or through the mail starting on Thursday, June 23.