After 5 p.m. Tuesday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office released a list of 45 bills the governor has signed over the past few days and one he vetoed.

Malloy’s first veto of the 2016 legislative session was a bill that would have expanded the analysis state agencies would have to prepare before adopting regulations that affect small businesses. The bill passed both the House and the Senate unanimously.

In his veto message, Malloy said he supports the “intent of this legislation,” but believes the language is “overly broad and will place an undue burden on our agencies.”

For example, Malloy said the bill requires “agencies to identify the ‘total number of small businesses potentially subject to the proposed regulation,’ yet provides no guidance on how the term ‘potentially’ is to be defined.”

He said he’s willing to work with proponents of the bill to come up with more definitive language for next year.

The 45 bills Malloy signed included:
• a bill requiring the University of Connecticut Foundation to disclose more information to the legislature;
• a bill that allows for lawmakers to be notified of a special session through email rather than in-person by a state police trooper;
• a bill that allows for eligible private sector employees to sign up for a state-run retirement plan;
• a bill that terminates the parental rights of rapists who impregnate their victims, and;
• a bill that allows an estate to auction off its alcohol and liquor.

The batches of bills were signed on May 25, May 26, May 27, and May 31. The list of those bills was not released until 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 31.

So far this year, Malloy has signed 76 bills and vetoed one.

The 2017 budget that lawmakers approved on May 12 and May 13 — including $820 million in spending cuts — is still on Malloy’s desk awaiting his signature.