There will be no Republican primary in the Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District, as Westbrook’s Ann Brookes has lived up to her campaign promise not to oppose party endorsed candidate Daria Novak.

Brookes lost a close battle, 139 to 134, for the Republican nomination with Novack. She garnered enough votes to automatically qualify to primary for the seat.

“I am a person of my word,’’ Brookes said. “And I will keep my pledge to the people of the 2nd Congressional District. I will not exercise my option to primary for the Republican nomination although many state leaders, Republican Town Committee chairs, first selectmen, delegates, donors and candidates have asked me to do so,’’ continued Brookes.

Novak, a conservative radio host from Madison, will face incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Joseph Courtney this November. Courtney, a Vernon resident, has been 2nd District congressman since 2007.

The 2nd district includes most of the eastern third of the state.