Thirty more Connecticut state employees received their pink slips Thursday.

Twenty-four went to employees in the Department of Developmental Services who work at the Southbury Training School, two employees in the State Ethics Office, two in the Freedom of Information Commission, one in the Correction Department, and one in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

It’s the first time the so-called watchdog agencies were impacted.

The loss of two employees in the State Ethics Office brings the total number of employees from 15 to 13. The elimination of two positions was necessary based on the decrease in money the office received. The loss of two attorneys in the Freedom of Information Commission reflects a 15 percent reduction in that agency’s overall budget. That agency will also be asked to operate with 13 employees, a reduction of 10 from 2011 employment levels.

As of Thursday, 680 executive branch employees had received layoff notices and 239 employees with the Judicial Branch have received their notices. More are expected.