Attorney Dan Klau, a leading appellate and First Amendment attorney, launched a site Monday that he hopes will improve government.

The site,, seeks to promote ethical decision-marking, increase the confidence of citizens and public officials in their government, and help government meet its constitutional and statutory obligations to the citizens of Connecticut. 

Klau said he hopes the site will act as a public forum for nonpartisan discussion of ideas and strategies to improve the democratic process in the state. It’s a place to have a “constructive conversation about the role of good government,” he said.

Klau said it’s wrong of people to think the problem with government lies with the people the voters elect to public office.

“I believe we generally elect good, honest, thoughtful people who genuinely want to serve the public interest,” Klau said. “But once they are elected, they immediately become part of a broken system. So we need to change the rules that govern the way our system of government operates.”

To get involved in the conversation, visit the site and follow it on social media or sign up its email alerts.