Christine Stuart file photo
The union representing 1,900 non-teaching staff at the University of Connecticut voted to go back to the bargaining table.

An estimated 78 percent of the University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association’s voting members, voted in favor of renegotiating the five-year deal, which would have provided raised and increased their work week from 35 hours to 40 hours.

University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst said that the university respects the union’s “choice.”

The General Assembly was poised to reject the contract last week before the union withdrew it.

The union discovered a technical problem with the contract following a memo from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration to lawmakers urging them to reject the deal, which the governor’s office estimated would cost $38 million more than the university estimated.

It would have been the first contract in more than 20 years, the General Assembly rejected.