Approximately 2,155 non-union managers in the executive and judicial branches will get their raises at the end of March.

The raises for these non-union managers will cost about $2.4 million in fiscal year 2016 and $9.6 million in 2017.

By delaying the raises from November to March the state was able to save about $3.5 million. The raises were supposed to be delivered in November 2015, but the administration sought some flexibility as it worked with the legislature close a deficit.

“These are hardworking managers who help deliver the quality services that residents expect and deserve,” Devon Puglia, a spokesman for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, said. “This is the right step forward – we need to be able to attract and retain top-notch talent and expertise to be efficient.”

Malloy is seeking to reduce the state workforce this year by 500 workers.

The governor is also in labor negotiations with almost all the state employee bargaining groups. There’s $10 million in the 2016 budget set aside for those negotiations, which are focused on wages and not health and pension benefits.