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With a 35-0 vote Tuesday, the state Senate approved a resolution that takes steps toward amending the state Constitution for the creation of a “lockbox” for transportation funds. The resolution now goes to the House where it’s unlikely to get the overwhelming support it needs.

Three-quarters of Connecticut’s General Assembly will need to approve the measure if they hope to send it to voters in November 2016. That means 114 members of the House would need to vote in favor of the measure.

If the bill passes with a simple majority rather than a three-quarters majority, it will need to get taken up in 2017 and would need to be approved again by the General Assembly. In that scenario, the earliest it could be on the ballot for voters would be in 2018.

The House is expected to start debate shortly.

Under the resolution, the legislature will define what type of revenue gets locked up in the special transportation fund.