Our story is really rare.

The news industry is in a terrible state of disruption and has been since the arrival of the Internet. For CTNewsJunkie to still be here after 10 years is very much an anomaly. Thousands of news websites and blogs have come and gone — too many to count. It’s not hard to figure out why.

Traditional news revenue mechanisms did not convert to the web very well.

The bottom line for modern journalism is this — the demand for information is greater than ever before, but the steady revenue sources that paid for the work of gathering that information are in flux. At best.

One key factor that’s missing as a significant portion of our business in digital news is reader support. We have advertisers, and we’re always working to develop the best digital media tools for that purpose. We also have support from newspapers that buy our news as a wire service — this has been a huge help.

But support from our readers, by and large, is what’s missing as an equal or even comparable share to our advertising and newspaper partners.

Granted, it is counterproductive to put up a paywall on website. And it is similarly counterintuitive to think that there’s a cost to visit a free website. But there is a cost! People should choose which reporters and news organizations they want to support, and just take the plunge and click the button to contribute. Build a new habit of supporting the journalists who provide the information that helps maintain our Democracy. Recurring reader subscription plans give us some continuity beyond the peaks and valleys of advertising support.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that a core group of reader subscribers have been supporting us for several years — a few dozen wonderful friends. We have no idea where we would be without them at this point.

Capitol Gains ClubWhat this all means is pretty simple: we need more new subscribers and Capitol Gains Club members to continue providing up-to-the-minute news coverage from the legislature. Coverage you can depend on. CTNewsJunkie may be free to access, but it’s not free to produce the work. Be a mensch and join our team by becoming a subscriber or a club member, or consider adding your firm to our Directory. You won’t regret it.

CLICK HERE to choose a plan and make a contribution in support of CTNewsJunkie and Public Service Journalism.

And thank you.
-doug & christine and the whole CTNewsJunkie crew