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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sent this letter to Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra on Friday to let him know the state is willing to help fight the increase in homicides in the capital city.

“To best address your request for additional resources, I’ve asked my Chief of Staff, Mark Ojakian, to immediately convene an emergency meeting with representatives from the City, Commissioner Shriro of DESSP, Colonel Brian Meraviglia of the State Police, Corrections Commissioner Scott Semple, the Statewide Shooting Task Force, the Chief State’s Attorney, and federal law enforcement,” Malloy said in the letter.

The letter was in response to Segarra’s request for additional resources following the 17th homicide. Hartford Police responded to an additonal two shooting incidents this weekend involving three victims.

It’s unclear still what type of help the state will give the city.

Segarra had asked Malloy for additional personnel from the state as well help from neighboring police departments to increase the staff available to the Shooting Task Force.

Segarra asked Malloy to increase the number of state police detectives working with the city by three (from one to four), and the number of inspectors working with the city from the Chief State Attorney’s Office by three (also from one to four).

Further, he asked Malloy to increase the current part-time probation and parole staff to full-time.

That won’t return the Shooting Task Force back to its 2011 level, but last week Segarra said “it will increase our ability to be more proactive and effective in addressing the increased number of violent crimes during the first six months of calendar year 2015.”