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The House approved a bill Monday night that allows undocumented immigrants to use a foreign birth certificate with a raised seal as a secondary form of identification in obtaining a driver’s license in Connecticut.

The bill modifies a law passed two years ago that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a “drive-only” license.

The bill passed Monday also clarifies that the licenses are not allowed to be used for voting purposes — one of the main concerns of opponents of the law passed two years ago.

Rep. Tom O’Dea, R-New Canaan, said he voted against the bill two years ago, but because of bipartisan cooperation they “made a bill that had some concerns a much better bill.”

The original bill was intended to get more drivers insured to protect the driving public from skyrocketing insurance rates and uninsured drivers.

Since the original bill was passed, 1,846 drive-only licenses have been issued and more than 45,000 residents have requested a license.

It’s unknown, according to Rep. Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, how many have obtained insurance since the Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t ask for proof of insurance when a resident obtains or renews a license.

“I would hope maybe going forward, after passage of this bill, we can do something to try and track or confirm that those people who are obtaining the drive-only licenses are actually getting insurance,” O’Dea said.

The bill passed the House on Monday by a vote of 107 to 38.