Connecticut’s insurance exchange signed up more than 103,000 individuals in private insurance plans through Feb. 13, but its Medicaid enrollment was far more robust.

Open enrollment in the exchange ended on Feb. 15 and enrollment during the last two days of enrollment will be released on Monday, according to Access Health CT officials.

Of the 103,000 enrollees in private insurance plans, 35,887 were new customers.

Another 235,000 individuals enrolled in Medicaid and of those 153,828 were new applicants. Access Health CT officials said 81 percent of enrollments during the second year of the exchange qualified for Medicaid and 19 percent enrolled in private insurance plans.

Of the 35,887 new private insurance enrollees, 42 percent enrolled with ConnectiCare Benefits, 30 percent with Anthem, 23 percent with HealthyCT, and 4 percent with UnitedHealthcare.

Full enrollment figures will be released on Monday, Feb. 23.