A federal court judge agreed Friday to delay the sentencing of a former congressional candidate involved in a campaign finance scandal that led to the second conviction of former Gov. John G. Rowland.

U.S. Judge Janet Bond Arterton delayed the sentencing of Lisa Wilson-Foley the same day that Wilson-Foley’s husband, Brian Foley, was sentenced to three years probation and three months in a halfway house for his role in the scandal. Wilson-Foley was supposed to be sentenced Tuesday, Jan. 13.

Unlike her husband, Wilson-Foley did not testify during Rowland’s trial in September. U.S. Attorneys are asking for 10 months in prison despite her guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge. The feds claim Wilson-Foley was uncooperative in their case against Rowland.

Rowland’s attorneys used Wilson-Foley’s Dec. 29 sentencing memo to postpone Rowland’s sentencing, alleging that it proved the government withheld information and the only place the conspiracy existed was in Foley’s head. The government disagrees.

Wilson-Foley’s sentencing was postponed until 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 15.

Editor’s note: Originally the court had delayed the sentencing to Jan. 16, but it decided to move it up to Jan. 15. The decision was made on Tuesday.