Another day, another million dollars in PAC money flows into state campaign coffers. Groups supporting Republicans and Democrats spent just over $1 million dollars last week as election season entered its final days.

According to financial disclosure forms filed with the state election regulators Tuesday, $465,000 was spent in support of Democrats and $640,000 on Republicans last week. This brings the state to a total of $16.4 million in outsider money spent on state elections.

Opposing sides of the gun control debate each made large contributions. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pro-gun control PAC plans to spend $1.7 million on the race. To date it has spent $18,000 on ads opposing Tom Foley.

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund spent $43,000 on mailers this week as well.

The Democratic and Republican Governors Associations continued their large contributions, giving $330,000 and $600,000 to PACs affiliated with Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley respectively on Tuesday. Both the RGA and the DGA have each spent $5.5 million on the governor’s race so far. This dwarfs the $1.6 million and $1.7 million they spent on the first Malloy/Foley matchup in 2010.

The Working Families for Connecticut PAC, which supports Malloy, spent $97,000 this week, mostly on canvassing services. They have raised $694,000 in this election cycle.

Other PACs reporting included the American Federation of Teachers, which gave the Malloy-affiliated PAC Connecticut Forward $100,000 and the Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut PAC, which has raised $11,000.