A space station resupply flight to be launched from Wallops Island, has been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 28 at 6:22 p.m. according to NASA.  A Monday launch attempt was scrubbed due to a boater entering into a restricted area of the flight path.

Orbital Sciences, the commercial contractor conducting the mission, estimates that the rocket will be visible throughout Connecticut at about 5 degrees above the horizon. So those on the shoreline or at higher elevations away from trees and other obstructions will have a better chance of seeing the launch.

See a video of a prior Wallops launch from Westbrook:

The rocket should become visible approximately 180 seconds after its initial launch. The first stage of launch will be utilizing a liquid fueled engine that may not be as bright as earlier launches from Wallops. But the second solid rocket powered stage will be bright and more visible. There will be a 46 second coasting period between the stages, so it is likely that some will see the rocket fade out and later reappear further along its trajectory when the second stage ignites.