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Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley said over the last 10 years he’s paid $2 million in taxes to the state of Connecticut and is a Connecticut tax filer, but he continued to dodge questions Tuesday about whether he would release his state tax returns.

He said it was “discourteous” of Malloy to “be singling out a taxpayer whose paid an awful lot of money to support this state.”

“When I’m governor I won’t be insulting taxpayers, I’ll be thanking them,” Foley told reporters after a speaking engagement Tuesday morning at the Connecticut Convention Center. “It seems to be the governor is coming a little unglued here with two weeks to go before the verdict comes down on his job as governor.”

Foley insisted the media only requested his federal returns, but the request was for the same information released by Malloy, which included the first two pages of the Connecticut tax return.

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“I think when you run for governor of the state of Connecticut, you have an obligation to release your taxes,” Malloy said. “… The idea that you could run for governor of the state of Connecticut and not release your state income tax return is ridiculous.”

Malloy pointed out that Foley has the power to end this whole narrative by releasing his state income tax returns.

Foley asked reporters why Malloy doesn’t want to talk about how “private sector wages on a real basis have declined 10 percent… Why doesn’t he want to talk about why he raised everybody’s taxes so much and slowed down the economy?”

Pressed by reporters about why he continues to refuse to release his state tax return, Foley said there’s “no impropriety or anything has been indicated. I’ve paid over $2 million in taxes in Connecticut in the last 10 years.”

Foley said he does pay taxes in other states where he has businesses and “to some extent I’m required to pay a very modest amount of taxes in those states, but virtually all of my state taxes are paid here.”