State Treasurer Denise Nappier, who bowed out of her first debate for “personal reasons,” said Friday that she will participate in a debate hosted by NBC Connecticut on Wednesday, Oct. 29.

The debate between Nappier and her Republican opponent, Tim Herbst,  will be moderated by NBC Connecticut reporters Max Reiss and George Colli. It will air live on and an abbreviated version will air on Sunday, Nov. 2.

Herbst answered questions on Oct. 7 at the Hartford Public Library because Nappier did not attend. She canceled that morning due to “personal reasons” which she has refused to elaborate upon.

The debate will last a total of 22 minutes.

“With an $80 billion deficit you have families and taxpayers on the hook for these responsibilities. Teachers and state employees are reliant on these funds and to think a 22 minute debate is enough time is insulting to those families and those retirees,” J.R. Romano, Herbst’s campaign manager, said Friday. “We’re thrilled that she agreed, but it’s nowhere near enough so voters can understand how we’re going to dig our way out of this problem.”