Hugh McQuaid file photo
Sen. Andrew Maynard will appear on the ballot next month despite continued complications with his recovery from injuries sustained during a serious fall at his Stonington home 11 weeks ago, according to a Tuesday statement from his family.

Maynard, a 52-year-old Democrat who serves as co-chairman of the Transportation Committee, fell from a staircase outside hishome in July. In the statement, his family said they are still in the “difficult and unenviable position” of making decisions about Maynard’s political career as well as his medical care.

“There is understandably concern about Andrew’s abilities to carry out his duties as a State Senator. Please know that we understand and share this concern. More than anyone, we do not want to see him in a role that he is unable to carry out, no matter what benefits may accrue to him for doing so,” the statement read.

Maynard’s family notes that the legislative session does not begin until January and seats in the legislature are considered part-time jobs.

“It is our genuine belief that given the progress over the last two months Andrew will be ready to serve when the session begins. In the event that Andrew Maynard is elected to a fifth term, but cannot or chooses not to serve, the process mandates a special election. Our hope is to let the voters decide if they want to give him another term, and at the same time give our brother the chance to decide whether or not he chooses to carry out his duties if elected,” the statement read.

However, Maynard’s family also detailed some complications in the state senator’s recovery. Although he is now able to walk and has been “practicing golf putts with great success” during therapy, he has encountered challenges in speech recovery, the statement said. Maynard began taking a drug designed to speed up recovery of speech functions, but that treatment may have caused him to experience two minor seizures, they said.

Meanwhile, anti-seizure medications may have caused him to become “somewhat inattentive and sluggish in his reactions to therapists and visitors.” Maynard’s family said he has shown “noticeable improvement” under a different program of treatment.

“All indications are that his recovery remains on track in spite of the complications of the last week,” his family wrote.

Maynard will face Groton Republican Kevin Trejo in the election to retain his state senate seat.