There are few things two of the three gubernatorial candidates can agree on these days, but having no beans in their chili is one of them.

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley visited the Windsor Chili Festival on Saturday to shake some hands, take some pictures, and try some chili.

Malloy and Foley both attended the festival, but missed each other by about a half hour.

Instead of hammering with questions about their public policy or their tax returns, CTNewsjunkie took the opportunity to ask them about how they handle food on the campaign trail.

Both the 59 year old Malloy and the 62 year old Foley are tall and fit, but eating on the campaign trail is unavoidable, especially at an event like a chili festival.

“You don’t have to eat it all,” Malloy said.

He joked though that Attorney General George Jepsen doesn’t share his philosophy when it comes to food. He said Jepsen consumes everything within sight.

Foley said he tries his best to stay away from fatty foods on the campaign trail like fried dough, but sometimes that’s unavoidable.

“I try not to eat too much because it’s hard to stay trim,” Foley said after trying some of the Windsor Republican Party’s chili. “That was a very little bit of chili. That’s not going to hurt me.”

Both Foley and Malloy agree they’ve never had bad tasting food on the campaign trail even though some of the food may have been poorly prepared.