Hugh McQuaid file photo
Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will be in California both today and Friday.

For whom?

“We do not comment on fundraising,” Connecticut Democratic Party Spokesman Devon Puglia added.

The lack of information about the trip has the Connecticut Republican Party crying foul.

“Who is Dan Malloy accountable to—the liberal California donors who are writing massive checks for his campaign or the Connecticut families who he has seemingly abandoned?” Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola said in a statement.

“Instead of hobnobbing with his Hollywood pals, Dan Malloy should be focusing on improving our state—which continues to struggle under the weight of his record-setting tax hikes and anemic economic growth.”

Malloy went to California on a fundraising trip in October 2013 before he announced his re-election bid.  When he returned he had little to share about the trip, which resulted in one donation to the Connecticut Democratic Party’s account.

Malloy’s October trip to California cost the state of Connecticut taxpayers about $13,760, according to information obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican from Wilton. The state party has declined to reimburse the state for the expense.