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Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign is criticizing Republican challenger Tom Foley for not agreeing to more debates even though there will be at least one more debate than there was in 2010.

The day after the Republican primary, when Foley was asked about how many debates he would like, he said “the more the merrier.”

Foley added that “the last time around I was climbing two points a week once the debates started.”

Mark Bergman, Malloy’s spokesman said, Foley has declined to participate in three events, including a debate sponsored by the CT Mirror, another sponsored by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and News 12, and a forum sponsored by the CT Tourism Action Committee.

“So much for the more debates the merrier,” Bergman said.

Foley and Malloy debated each other six times in 2010.

“I think the Malloy folks are desperate to create an issue out of anything,” Chris Cooper, Foley’s campaign spokesman, said Sunday.

He said the campaign has agreed to seven debates, five of which will be televised. There are also a number of forums scheduled like the one on transportation Monday.